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Apr 1

What We’re Reading This Week!

Jenn says: I’m really entertained by the way these two look next to each other. On our left: Starstruck, Rachel Shukert, which follows teenager Margaret Frobisher on her journey into the limelight and the seedy underbelly of olde-time (golden age? silver age? I can never get my ages right. 1930s.) Hollywood! File under: be careful what you wish for. 

And on our left, it’s 19-year-old self-professed genius Mary MacLane’s confessional diary from 1902, I Await the Devil’s Coming, which also sounds like it should be filed under “careful what you wish for.” MacLane is incredibly narcissistic, but also incredibly wry and clever, and I’m enjoying about a thousand times more than I thought I would (generally, I do not love hyper-pretentious characters). Bonus: two of my favorite Emilys in publishing, Emily Gould and Emily Mandel, wrote excellent pieces about this book.

Would Margaret and Mary get along? I think Mary would absolutely terrify Margaret, but then again what gently-bred socialite wouldn’t she terrify. In fact, she would probably go out of her way to accomplish it if they showed any signs of backbone. And Margaret is probably not self-impressed enough to impress Mary. But I’m having a really good time imagining the conversations they might have over coke floats.