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Nov 7

What We’re Reading Now!

Jenn says: In addition to plugging away at the Yates (still a bit of a slog but after a lengthy conversation with bookavore about narrative voice in biographies I think I might actually make it through), I just started Life After Life byKate Atkinson because I saw it on my friend’s bookshelf when we were hanging out. Apparently it was just the right time? It’s reminding me a whole lot of the graphic novel Daytripper (which, if you haven’t read, GO READ IT) and also of Downtown Abbey. Daytripper meets Downtown Abbey, yes. The character keeps dying and then the story starts up again, NOT DEAD ANYMORE, and all I can think is, how is she going to pull this crazypants structure off?, which is excellent impetus to keep reading. 

And then for yet another book club I am part of (how did I end up being part of so many book clubs?) we’re reading Rasl by Jeff Smith. I confess unto you, friends, that I have not read Bone. Don’t shun me, please. But Rasl so far is pretty great; means-well-criminal on the run via parallel universes pursued by weird lizard assassin, AWW YEAH. Although the fridging involved just in Vol. 1 is a leeeetttle disheartening. But then again I’m super-sensitive to fridging right now, probably because I have been watching too many procedurals (I do not recommend Netflix-binging on Lie to Me and Longmire, and then tipsily watching some Law and Order all in the same week. It’s a bad bad plan).