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Bookrageous Episode 64; Evaluating our Reading Habits

Episode 64 has arrived! Reading habits, the limits of Rebecca’s orc knowledge, Jenn hates biographies, and allllll the books.

The book is really about how we got to this place where being a food lover is defined as eating insane stuff and snout-to-tail approaches, or preferring unregulated food… We also go undercover with guys who are smuggling in caviar or foie gras or special mushrooms that people in the fancy Las Vegas use… It’s a mix of Mary Roach-style immersive journalism and an ode to the eating life, like Bourdain or Ruth Reichl.

- Rebecca on Dana Goodyear’s Anything That Moves (Episode 60)

Bookrageous Episode 56; BEA 2013 Recap

In which we discuss erotica, echo chambers, and that annual book exposition.

The Bookrageous Podcast » Bookrageous Book Club; She

In which we discuss craft beer, Victoriana, and love polygons.

Bookrageous Episode 47: 2012 Favorites

In which we each pick our top ten favorite books of 2012, and there’s only a little bit of cheating.

Bookrageous Episode 46, in which we discuss books as "comfort food," is up!

Bookrageous Episode 44: in which we look back at 2+ years of podcasting!